08.19.2015 FUJIFILM

One lens one story #1

XF14mmF2.8 R is the widest prime lens in the lineup. There are other lenses like the XF10-24mm that covers the same focus range, but the XF14mm never fails to draw attention of the photographers.
In fact, the lens is one of the best selling ultra wide angle prime lens not only for the X mount, but all other mount included.
The reason is the sharp image quality that the lens delivers. The lens is praised as said “There isn’t any distortion. XF14mm proves it was wrong to assume that the distortion was unavoidable for the ultra wide angle lens”
The XF14mm was successful in eliminating distortion with only the aid of optical design. There is no electronic correction applied. “No electronic correction” leaves surprisingly large impact on the image quality.
Why? The image quality of high frequency range is sacrificed with the electronic correction. And the because of that, the sharpness gets lost. We tried to avoid this with the XF14mm.
Let’s take a look at the lens construction. You will see that the lens is placed even very near to the sensor surface. You will also notice that large diameter lenses are placed behind the diaphragm.
If you follow the light beam, you will find that the it hits perpendicular to the the sensor surface. You will not find any part of light beam that shows a steep curve. The lens is built so that the light source is kept at its optimum quality.
You will not find such design for the DSLRs. There is the mirror box placed in front of the sensor, so it is physically impossible to place the lens in the position. And not all mirrorless cameras can do what the XF14mm does. The mount design has to be wide enough to allow such large diameter lens.
XF14mm is the lens that shows the potential of X-mount both in terms of image quality and lens design.

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