Frederic Boehli (France)

Frédéric BOEHLI takes pictures of artists. He works for musicians, singers, humorists, comedians, both on stage and backstage, when they are getting ready or when they are working in their studio (Liz Cherhal, Shirley Souagnon, Marie Desroles…). He follows them all year long to meet their photographic needs, whatever the occasion.
From a simple “selfie-like” portrait on stage or on the street to the most complex studio shooting for media creation, he stands out for his technical images captured on the fly or for his natural-looking shots. He thinks that relationships based on trust are essential to grasp the best of the artist and to deliver outstanding photographs.


When I chose to use X Series cameras, it was like going back to the essence of photography; the type of photography which I always liked to practice when I started taking pictures with film cameras. I need a tool which can adjust to my needs and follow my ideas immediately, while being discreet and without compromising on quality. I think that the X-T1’s viewfinder is extremely comfortable: no more random shots but unprecedented accuracy. Every day, I’m amazed at this camera when I check my images because technically speaking, even in high ISO, I cannot see any noise, details are rich, sharpness is beautiful, and colours, dynamic range and rendering are just perfect…This camera has it all! Image quality is awesome both in RAW and JPEG images.
It is a beautiful piece of equipment, highly adaptable, very responsive and formidably accurate. In addition, it is one-third the size of my previous equipment…
It is strongly built and the lenses are incredible. Zooms, single focal length lenses: all lenses are of the highest quality and their optical performance is just phenomenal.
FUJIFILM’s follow-up on product developments via firmware updates, their development of tools that simply meet actual needs and their ability to listen to photographers are also amazing. To me, all these features have come together to take a huge step forward. Thanks to this freedom, I can now focus entirely on my creativity.


  • X-T1
  • XF56mmF1.2 R
  • XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS