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21.08.2015 FUJIFILM

One lens one story #2

The XF35mmF1.4 R is the lens that X-mount users love the most.
In addition to the great image quality it delivers, It has other reasons, such as the natural angle of view and lens size, to be chosen as the most preferred X-mount lens.
And if we were to recommend another lens in addition to the XF35mmF1.4 R, it would be the XF23mmF1.4 R.
The XF23mmF1.4 R is like the big brother of the XF35mmF1.4 R.
Take a look at the lens construction.If you take out the first two elements and the last element, you will realize that the lens looks very similar to another lens. Yes, the XF35mmF1.4 R.
XF23mmF1.4 R places the wide conversion lens (the first two concave lenses) to achieve the wider angle. And the last lens at the rear corrects the aberration of the wide angle.
In addition to the wider angle, the XF23mm also now has the inner focus.
The AF speed, the only weak point of XF35mmF1.4 R, has been resolved in XF23mmF1.4 R.
The focus speed is shortened approximately by 2/3. If you use a camera equipped with the phase-detection AF system like the X-T1, then the focus time is as fast as 0.168 sec. Indeed, the XF23mm is the big brother of the XF35mm with superior performance.
Generally speaking, 35mm equivalent angle of view would be categorized as “Wide angle”.
But think of it more as a “standard lens that is a bit wide”.
It may take a little time to get used to the feel of the distance between the subject, but the method is exactly the same as the standard lens. Take a shot at the same distance as the XF35mmF1.4 R and enjoy the different angle of view.
The image quality is very similar to the XF35mmF1.4 R.
The clutch MF ring is already an enough reason to make the purchase and add it to your lens lineup.

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