Seth K. Hughes (USA)

Seth K. Hughes is a professional photographer who has been shooting commercial and editorial assignments for over 10 years. He specializes in travel, lifestyle and portrait photography. Seth believes that the best way to create inspiring imagery is to live an inspired life. So in 2014 Seth left behind his predictable routine to pursue a road less traveled. He became a full-time, nomadic photographer ― living, working and traveling across North America with an Airstream trailer as his home office.

Seth’s creativity is fueled by his experiences on the road. From backpacking through Denali National Park to shooting lifestyle on the coast of Baja, Seth requires an agile camera system that won’t hold him back. Since he discovered the X System, Seth transitioned to mirrorless technology, shooting exclusively with Fujifilm’s X Series cameras and lenses. This shed several pounds of weight from his kit without sacrificing image quality or lens performance. As the X-T10 is less cumbersome than a traditional SLR, the camera is with him at all times and enables a new level of fun and spontaneity to enter the picture. Since going mirrorless, Seth hasn’t looked back―except to see how far he’s come.

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Seth K. Hughes (USA)Gros Morne
Seth K. Hughes (USA)
Gros Morne
Seth K. Hughes (USA)St. Johns
Seth K. Hughes (USA)
St. Johns
Seth K. Hughes (USA)Utah
Seth K. Hughes (USA)
Seth K. Hughes (USA)Gallery 01
Seth K. Hughes (USA)
Gallery 01