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Sandro Georgi (Switzerland)

I became a fulltime freelance photographer after realizing that working as a consultant in information systems was not where my heart and passion was. I attended “cap fotoschule” in Zurich, which enabled me to define my own visual style and to consciously use light. I specialize in documentary and people photography having the most of my customers currently in health care. For my photos I look for simplicity, graphical details, clear lines, forms, and structures to tell the stories of people, the traces they left, as well as their surroundings. 


My Fuji story started about three years ago with an X-E1 and the XF 35mm1.4. It was my first prime lens (more followed soon) and had a large impact on the way how I shoot and compose.
Working with Fuji X-Cameras feels like going back to when I started photography as teenager with analogue cameras and black and white film (which I learned to develop and print): it is simple, it is intimate, it is intuitive, and I feel 100% comfortable with it. Due to their size the cameras do not feel like large bricks which cover my face. It is thus much easier for me to connect with people and scenes. The simplicity of the cameras, the analogue dials combined with world-class viewfinders and film-simulations (I instantly see what I will get) help me focusing on shooting alone. I am not distracted by the camera, its handling or its size/weight. It feels like the camera vanishes and leaves my whole attention for composing and interaction (which is something I never had with the larger full frame systems). Image quality in terms of resolution, sharpness, and colour perfectly suit my (and my customers’) needs, while the large range of available high quality lenses which render beautifully enable me to choose the right tool for every situation.
I very much appreciate that Fuji listens to its customers, values their feedback and the resulting Kaizen approach. I benefit from the fact that there are firmware updates time and time again which greatly improve my gear. For my jobs I’m now using almost exclusively Fuji gear and quiet often get asked by customers what gear I am shooting with. I like to explain to and tell them my Fuji story and how satisfied and happy I am with it.