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Philipp Dubs (Switzerland)

Philipp Dubs, born in 1975, is a Swiss photographer who is skilled at framing the merits of his Alpine homeland. With a particular focus on aesthetic landscape photography and portraits, he works as a photojournalist for agencies, newspapers and magazines. In 2010, he founded the photomundo school of photography where he offers practical courses and photography trips for amateur photographers. Philipp's strength lies in his intuitive way or working with modern camera techniques, his ability to use these to create atmospheric shots and his gift of passing on his knowledge in an easily understandable way. During his photography courses, he supports his participants with relaxed calm and practical tips – helping them to capture moments that are barely discernible to the naked eye.


It just bringing to life the passion of photography with the Fujifilm X camera and lenses. The simplicity of the camera, and the marvellous quality of the lens are evident.