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Oliver Wehrli (Switzerland)

I live in a small village close to Aarau with my family. Photography is a great passion for me. Already at school age, I came in contact with a camera. The handling with the camera and the image fascinated me already years ago. To take unique pictures is my motivation. For this I’m looking especially for the best moment and light situation. Then I go outside on any weather condition in order to photograph our beautiful landscapes. 


My first touch with Fuji X Camera was when I set out to acquire a compact and light camera system that still met professional requirements. I thought it should be possible to have a top- quality camera without being weighed down by kilos of kit. And so a camera like the Fuji X system immediately caught my eye. After trying out the X-T1, I found the handling excellent. I liked the look of the camera and the feel was reminiscent of a classic reflex camera, which was really appealing. The excellent processing of the Fuji system is another plus. My general feeling about the X-T1 and now also the X-Pro2 I own is that it often enables me to concentrate more on the picture itself and I get a fast final result. Image quality and the large range of high quality lenses are just amazing and makes fun to work with. Now I have a compact and light camera system which I can use in every weather situation. This is important especially for my landscape photography. I’m more than happy with Fuji gear and the movement I made from the large classic reflex camera. To photograph with Fuji given me new opportunities and is an enrichment.