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Nick Schreger (Switzerland)

Nick Schreger is a people, wedding and lifestyle photographer and videographer from Switzerland. Besides his work as photographer, Nick offers popular workshops for both interested beginners and advanced photographers covering various areas of his craft. He also writes essays on various photography topics for several publications. His Fujifilm journey started in the summer of 2014 with an X100S, and soon he left his entire DSLR gear behind, switching to several Fujifilm bodies and lenses. Nick defines his personal style as “digilog photography”, combining the spirit and character of analog photography with modern tech, quality standards and post-processing methods. The FUJIFILM X Series managed to change my photography world within 4 weeks I spent in Mexico with an X100S and TCL-X100 converter. Having been a DSLR shooter for 12 years, I left Switzerland with a lot of doubt and returned with the best travel pictures I had ever taken. Today, a proud collection of several Fujifilm bodies and many lenses have turned what used to be a “job” into pure joy. I know that I could take on any photo assignment with any body/lens combination and still deliver outstanding work. Never before could I rely on image quality the way I can today. Being able to travel to an assignment with hand-luggage only while still carrying an entire set of lenses and bodies is another huge improvement I would never want to miss again.