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Chris Reist (Switzerland)

I grew up in a tech-savvy family, which also led to the profession I learned as Poly Mechanical Engineer. Despite my work as a mechanical engineer, photography kept dominating my life. The camera was my daily companion. Passionate about Photography, I continuously kept capturing images of amazing landscapes and gradually learned the art of light. All types of cameras passed through my hands and thanks to my technical skills and photographic understanding I developed the ability to work with different models and brands. Years of observation sensitized my eyes and senses for photography. Meanwhile I have established myself in different areas both in studio photography and as a freelance photographer. Whether it is Street, Fashion or Landscapes Photography or Photojournalism it all has become an integral part of my life.


When I held the x-camera in my hands for the first time I was immediately taken back to the time of analogy photography. Being able to capture the moment, the emotion and passion all with one piece of technology is why a camera holds such value to me. The camera is a beautiful tool that helps me in the development of my creative work