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Anastasios Kakolyris (Greece)

I was born in 1983 in Athens, Greece. I work as a Senior Software Engineer for one of the largest insurance companies in the country. My relationship with photography began when I joined a large photographic community and started observing the work of professional photographers around the world almost 3 years ago. I was amazed by their fantastic work and it was then that I decided to purchase my first DSLR and make my first steps in the world of photography. Since then I joined many groups and exhibited my work. My love for Fujifilm cameras started when I won a competition held by Fujifilm Hellas at the event “Image+Tech Expo 2017”. My main interests are street, urban, portrait and lifestyle photography but street photography will always be my favorite.


My first X Series camera was X-T10 which was the grand prize of the competition I won. Being a Nikon shooter for 2 years I was amazed by the compact size of the X-T10 and its capabilities. The color tones and that black&white produced straight out of the camera blew my mind. It was the perfect companion for my street exploration. After a few months I decided to purchase the flagship camera, X-T2. I experience the same color tones and so much more. My favorite lens is XF35mmF2 which produces the sharpest images I have seen so far. X-T2 is a quality camera and my companion to my travels for the years to come.