29.01.2021 Ivan Joshua Loh

GFX100S: "More than Full Frame" x Ivan Joshua Loh

Ivan Joshua Loh

Ivan Joshua Loh, a FUJIFILM X-Photographer is known for his quirky and different approach through his lens. He has received numerous accolades from the International Photography Award, New York and Photography Master Cup. Most Recently a Gold, 1st Place at the 2014 PX3 Prix De La Photographie in Paris .
Ivan started shooting since his teenage years with his father’s Nikon SLR and he hasn’t stopped since. He has lensed campaigns for clients such as Singapore Airlines, MTV Asia, Nike, Bossini, Nanyang Technological University, Caltex, Ascendas-singbridge group, Allianz Insurance, Manulife Insurance, HSBC Insurance, DHL. TNT, UOB, CAAS, Hilton Group, BLINK, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Raffles Hotel, Diegeo, Embraer, Fujifilm, Carlson, TATA Communication, INCOME, GIC,HDB, Clark Quay, HOT FM 91.3, Kiss 92FM, JIA 88.3, Power 98, and CHIMJES.
His editorial works have appeared in magazines such as Home+Living, TopGear Singapore, Her World, Cleo, Seventeen, FHM, Parents World and Home & Decor. His works have also glossed the pages of international magazines such as Conde Nast, Quattroruote, Asian Photography and Digital Photography(UK).

What is photography? It means differently to every photographer. This spectrum is truly wide. As I have always mentioned, there is a no perfect camera. But the relentless pursuit to find one is always there. So, is there one? The answer is no. 

Once in a while something cool do pop up. Not that perfect camera but something pretty close to that perfect camera. I am one of those hundreds of thousands of photographers that is always on a look out for that perfect camera. Hoping to hold it on my hands. 

I always look for a camera that I could use it as an everyday camera. With continue shooting; that is where one’s photography skills are hone. Practicing daily. There are many great cameras out there but they are either too heavy or too costly to own. When it’s heavy; it does put one off as an everyday camera.  

Don’t we always hope for a camera that could do both roles; work and play? There are many great everyday camera. They are light, stylish and mostly affordable. Unfortunately they will never be a work camera. They just can’t cope with the demands of a pro grade camera. 

Flip the coin, I wouldn’t want to be caught using a pro grade camera as a daily walkabout camera. In the long term, lugging heavy gears isn’t great for the well being of our body. This is worse for older folks like me. 

This brings me to good news I am going to share. The new Fujifilm 100MP medium format camera. 
It’s named the GFX100S. It’s the closest work and play camera I ever experience. 

Below is a shot of a X-T4 mated with XF16-55mm F2.8 lens and the GFX100s with a GF50mm F3.5 lens. Only about 50 grams that separates the two set-up.

GFX100s is certainly a heavier system versus the X-series. I just want to add that it has come to a point where the weight is more acceptable as an everyday play camera. Or should I say that I am more willing to accept this little weight disadvantage for the heaps of advantages  that the GFX100s has to offer.    

Am I able to use the GFX100s as a street camera? I have tried it and certainly more than able. Paired it with my favorite GF45mm F2.8 WR lens. The total weight is 1390 grams versus X-T4 plus XF23mm F1.4 at 826 grams. The weight difference is 564 grams. If I were to add a GF50mm F3.5 WR instead, this gap is now at 409 grams. Is it a big deal? My answer is a big NO.

This is where I realized the distant between work and play camera has indeed draw closer. 

Finally a true work and play camera in my hands. A 100 mega pixel medium format camera that is able to do huge billboards for any commercial works and at the same time it is reasonably light weight enough to able to use it for street photography. What do you call this; A marriage made in heaven for any photographers. 

The new GFX100s features include IBIS. This is a crucial feature to help photographers that loves to shoot in low light condition. Perfect for Documentary, Fashion, Wedding and Street photographers. Auto focus speed is quick and precise on all the 425 AF points. I will not expound more on the amazing tech this camera has to offer. I am sure you could find these information on the web. Rather I want to share my personal thoughts on this system.  

The GFX100s is an important camera for that photographer that is thinking of beyond full frame capability. If image quality is your top priority, the new GFX100s will not disappoint.  

As a professional this is certainly a huge level up. Just a decade ago, the point of entry into this category would have cause an arm or a leg. Ten of thousands of dollars and I was one of the many that dive into it. The GFX100s is price at high end Full Frame cameras price point. 
It has come to a rather realistic point. On a serious note, I think it’s a bargain. 100 Mega Pixel, IBIS, WR, 4K video, 425 AF points; you get the point. Money to Mega Pixel ratio; GFX100s is at the top of the race.

ROI. Return On Investment. This is very important if you  would have taken a much longer time vs what GFX has to offer now. This point is crucial for any professional photographer. The faster the ROI, the faster one enjoys the fruits of their labor. 

In conclusion; I feel the GFX100s is a truly a game changer. Operation is as easy as using a X-T4. 

It’s weather resistant to overcome all the elements that go against you. 100 Mega pixel of details. Giving one the freedom to crop. IBIS is a gift for photographers that needed that extra confident to shoot at a lower shutter speed in a low light condition. All this and much more  squeeze into a body weighting about 900 grams. The offerings from GFX100s is indeed the best of both worlds. The world of work and play in one amazing camera, the GFX100s.