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X100V "My Milestone" - Zack Arias

I have been a FUJI user since the very first X100. I’ve traveled around the world with every version of the X100. The new X100V shows the evolution of design, feedback from photographers, and advances in technology. It is leaps and bounds ahead of the original that captured my heart. The focusing is blazing fast and accurate. The new lens is incredibly sharp. I’m most impressed with how seamlessly they were able to incorporate a tilting screen into the back of the body. There is no extra hump in the back to accommodate it. It’s beautiful and incredibly handy in many shooting situations. The X100 is my one and only travel camera these days. Traveling with such a small and capable camera allows me to focus more on the people and places I am visiting and less on camera equipment. It’s a very freeing way to travel as a photographer. Pair this camera with a small instax printer and you’ll be surprised by how many doors will open for you.