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15.11.2019 Stefan Finger

Different Breed: Stefan Finger x X-Pro3

Stefan Finger

Stefan Finger (born 1983) is a German photographer. He is based in Düsseldorf and Hannover. 
After his Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Media and Sociology, Finger received his Master in Political Communication at the University Heinrich Heine in Düsseldorf. For this degree he completed a Master’s Thesis about the effect of photography. During his studies he worked as a freelance photographer and writer for several newspapers and the news agency epd as well. In 2011 he began studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Hannover. During his studies he completed an internship at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
Finger is working on long-term projects around the world, focusing on socially significant topics. He was already nominated for the CNN Journalist of the Year award and the Mediaprice of the “Kindernothilfe” with a story about people who live on a Philippines’ dumpsite.
With the story “Wanna Have Love?! – Consequences of Sex Tourism” (the first long-term project Insa Hagemann and Stefan Finger realized as a team) Hagemann and Finger won the highly-prestigious UNICEF Photo of the Year Award in 2014, the Schömbeger Fotoherbst and were shortlisted for the Alfred Fried Award. Stefan Finger is represented by the photo agency laif.

I am a photojournalist and wedding photographer. I love to take pictures of weddings in a photojournalistic way. And that’s where the X-Pro3 helps a lot: The X-Pro3 is light and small and noiseless. I don’t want to ruin situations because I am there as a photographer (I do not want to destroy or influence conditions by my presence). This camera helps me to be as invisible as possible. And not to forget: it has excellent image quality, dynamic range, and ISO performance. These are the essential functions that a camera has to handle that satisfies my needs.

To be honest: when I first saw the little LCD on the back – I thought: What’s that for? But now, using the camera for a month or so, I wouldn’t like to miss this screen. I do not need to switch the camera on to see how many pictures I can take and if I have to change the battery. That helps a lot and saves time.

Before the X-Pro3, I used the X-T3 and X-Pro2 for weddings and photojournalism. I love how the X-Pro2 looks, and it just feels good in my hands and is fun. But I also took the X-T3, which is a very good camera – no doubt. For me, the X-Pro series works better. But I took the X-T3 for the tilt screen and the better sensor. Now the X-Pro3 has a tilt LCD as well. For low angel shoots or if I do portraits of people who do not feel safe while I shoot, this screen helps me out.

I shoot weddings because it’s incredibly fun. As a wedding photographer, I am the most personal service provider. I am in situations directly with my bridal couple, in which perhaps the maximum of the maid of honor or best man or parents are present. I am present when the zipper of the dress tears when putting on, when the groom first sees his bride on that day and when the bride puts a flower from her bridal bouquet on the grave of her deceased father after the wedding ceremony. I want to capture situations with my camera as they are, without intervening or changing anything through my presence. The improved electronic viewfinder helps me a lot: I see directly what my picture looks like, I am able to compose the pictures better and do not need to look on the screen constantly to make sure that everything is properly exposed and looks like I imagined it. I see through the viewfinder exactly what the picture looks like. As a result, I’m more with my couples, can better respond to them, without having to deal with the camera technology.

The X-Pro3 has become a perfect companion for me. It combines everything I need for my work into one body. Like excellent picture quality, complete silence, through the titanium case durable, fast and there when I need it without any technical issues. It feels right in my hands and is the renewal of my eyes.

The Fujifilm system just makes my photography more fun – more than it would be the case with all other camera manufacturers.