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AF-S+ Single Point

For capturing subjects using a specific AF point

A basic AF mode. Set focus using one of the focusing points* - ideal for focusing precisely on a subject in a fixed location. The focus area can be one of five different sizes and the location of the focus area can also be changed.

*The number of focus point varies depending on what camera you use.

Perfect scenes

Use for pin-point focus on a selected subject.

All-round AF option for shooting subjects with minimal movement such as landscapes, snapshots and portraits. A high level of focusing precision also makes it suitable for close-ups of flowers etc.

  • X-T10 / XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR | F2.8 1/160s ISO800 ©Ben Cherry (UK)

  • X-T10 / XF18mmF2 R | F2.0 1/1128s ISO400 ©Yukio Uchida (Japan)

Recommended lens

  • XF18mmF2 R

    XF18mmF2 R

    Semi-wide angle focal length equivalent to 27mm*. Ideal for snapshots, this lens is also perfect for capturing streetscapes and natural landscapes.

  • XF60mmF2.4 R Macro

    XF60mmF2.4 R Macro

    A mid-telephoto macro lens equivalent to 90mm*, with a maximum magnification of 0.5x. This lens delivers beautiful bokeh and is suited to close-ups of flowers and other small objects.

*35mm format equivalent.

TIPS for Auto Focus Setting

  • Focus Area selection screen

    AF-S + Single Point
    (focus area selected)

    Choose any one of focus areas*, and change to the best one for the subject's position. The focus area can be changed to one of five different sizes, according to the size of the subject.

* The number of focus point varies depending on what camera you use.


  • focus mode selector

    01Rotate the focus mode selector on the front of the camera to S position.

  • Autofocus Setting menu

    02In the Autofocus Setting menu, select Single Point in AF mode.

* The setting varies depending on what camera you use. Please refer to the owner's manual for further detail.