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Auto Focus System

Enhanced AF system is even better
for capturing moving subjects

The new AF system which began from the X-T1* and X-T10 adds Zone and Wide/Tracking options to the existing Single Point mode. This improves focus performance when shooting moving subjects and helps you to capture perfect photos when the subject is moving across the 77-point AF area. Zone mode allows users to select one of three differnt size zones in the 77-point AF area. When combined with the AF-C continuous focusing mode, the camera tracks a subject in the center of the selected zone. In the Wide/Tracking mode, the camera displays the area in focus, identified automatically out of the 77-point AF area, and tracks the subject across the entire 77-point AF area. This makes it possible to maintain focus on a subject that moves up/down, left/right or closer/further from the camera. The new AF system makes it easier than ever to capture moving subjects, dramatically increasing your shooting options.
*After updating the Body Firmware Version 4.00 or later.

UI enables easy framing

user interface

The user interface has been carefully designed to make it comfortable to shoot while looking through the viewfinder. Most frequently-used shooting data, such as the remaining number of shots, shooting mode, shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity, is displayed outside live view. You can select the icons and information settings to display to ensure a clear live view image that allows you to concentrate on following the subject, selecting the AF frame and framing your shot.

Easy-to-use Focus Area selection screen

The Focus Area selection screen displays all points in the Single Point mode or 77 points in the Zone and Wide/Tracking modes. In the 77-point view, Intelligent Hybrid AF using the high-speed phase detection AF system is activated for the zones at the center larger rectangles, where the phase detection pixels are embedded. The position of the focus area, the size of the AF frame and the starting point of focus tracking in AF-C can be adjusted in applicable AF modes.

Focus Area selection screen

X-T1* / X-E2S / X-E2* / X-T10 / X70
Single Point 49-point
Zone 77-point 3×3, 5×3, 5×5

Focus Area selection screen

X-Pro2 / X-T2
Single Point 77-point / 273-point
Zone 77-point 3×3, 5×5, 7×7

*After updating the Body Firmware Version 4.00 or later.

A new AF brain to capture the decisive moment every time

Fujifilm has substantially improved the AF-C algorithm to boost the accuracy of the FUJIFILM X-T2's ability to track moving subjects. You can now fine tune how the camera reacts to the way the subject moves within the frame, how fast the subject moves and where in the frame the camera prioritizes focus. The five presets in the AF-C Custom Settings represent combinations of these three factors.

  • Tracking Sensitivity

    Tracking Sensitivity

    This setting allows you to specify whether the camera should switch its focus to a different subject or retain its focus to wait for the subject to reappear. This control is useful when the object you are tracking disappears behind an obstacle, goes out of the frame or when a second object at a substantially different distance from the subject comes into the frame, Selecting 0 makes the camera switch its focus immediately, while choosing 1-4 progressively lengthens the time it will retain focus.

  • Speed Tracking Sensitivity

    Speed Tracking Sensitivity

    This setting defines the camera's tracking characteristics based on changes to the subject's speed. Selecting 0 (constant speed), the camera does not consider change of speed when predicting subject movements. Choose 2 (variable speed) and the camera takes speed changes into account when predicting subject movement, making it suitable for accelerating or decelerating subjects.

  • Zone area Switching

    Zone area Switching

    This setting is available only in the Zone AF mode, and allows you to specify which part of the selected focusing zone should be given focusing priority. Select CENTER to maintain focus in the center of the frame, or FRONT to switch the focus to a subject at the front of frame when the original subject moves out of shot. AUTO tracks the subject you first focused on.

*X-T2 only.

AF-C Custom Settings

The AF-C Custom Setting allows you to select one of five AF presets according to the subject's movements to obtain perfect focus tracking. Based on how the subject moves, you can select a preset from, for example, Preset 2: Ignoring obstacles, Preset 3: For subjects that accelerate / decelerate, Preset 4: For subjects that suddenly come into the frame or Preset 5: Subjects with erratic movements to obtain optimum settings for accurate subject tracking. A combination of three factors: Tracking sensitivity, Speed tracking sensitivity and Zone area switching, may be manually set and registered as Preset 6: Custom.


  • Preset 1: Basic

    Preset 1: Basic

    This is a standard setting for moving subjects in general. It is used by default when there is no specific AF-C Custom Setting selected. This is closest to the AF-C setting on previous models.

  • Preset 2: Ignoring obstacles

    Preset 2: Ignoring obstacles

    Suitable when objects other than the subject enter the focusing area due to the subject going out of the frame or obstacles obscuring the subject.

  • Preset 3: Accelerating / decelerating subjects

    Preset 3: Accelerating / decelerating subjects

    The perfect setting for subjects whose speed of movement changes significantly. It is particularly effective when using a lens featuring a linear motor for high-speed focus tracking.

  • Preset 4: For subjects that suddenly come into the frame

    Preset 4: For subjects that suddenly come into the frame

    Allows the camera to instantly focus on a subject that comes into the focusing area, with priority given to objects closest to the camera. It is ideal for subjects that suddenly appear in the focusing frame.

  • Preset 5: Erratically moving subjects

    Preset 5: Erratically moving subjects

    This is suitable when subjects are moving at varying speeds in different directions, coming in and out of the focusing area. It is perfect for shooting field sports, etc.

  • Preset 6: Custom

    Preset 6: Custom

    Manually create a preset optimized for the specific movement characteristics of your subject. You can adjust subject retention level, acceleration / deceleration level and zone area priority to your preference, then save them using this preset.

*X-T2 only.