Andrea Thode


Andrea Thode was born in Cesena, Italy in 1972. Since his childhood he is living in Hamburg, Germany, where he also started his career as a freelance photographer. His work spans from food to people and from high polished advertising studio lighting to available light Reportage and Street Photography. He works for a couple of well known german publications and brands such as ZEITMagazin, Cosmopolitan, EFFILEE, Mazda and Mercedes-Benz. When he is not on assignment he loves to travel the world with his black, lightweight X100S.


It‘s hard these days to fall in love with a piece of photography equipment and yet here it is: my rugged, black Fujifilm X100S. The design and retrostyle of the camera isn‘t just for the nice look, indeed it‘s just as functional and responsive as my old analog cameras where back in the days, which is a really good thing.

I love how the X100S is a powerful working horse yet nobody around me takes notice because of it‘s ninja like stealthyness. It‘s small, it‘s quiet, it weights almost nothing and it takes grand pictures of very high quality. It is my perfect camera for Street-Photography.

The hybrid viewfinder is spectacular and I wish that more cameras would integrate this technology. The best thing for me though, is the WCL-X100/X100S - the wideangle converter. It takes the 35mm even wider to 28mm (in Fullframe terms) without loosing in picture quality. It‘s almost always fitted on my X100S when I take it to the Streets.

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