1Upgraded Optical Zoom Viewfinder displays easy-to-read photographic information in real time.

We have installed a Digital Trans Panel into our bright, clear and wide field real image optical viewfinder. This allows the brightness found in optical viewfinders to be retained while making it easier to see information necessary for photography when it is displayed. Said information includes the focus point, shutter speed, aperture value, exposure correction, and image stabilization alerts.

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2An even higher grade of premium resolution has been realized with the 12M 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II Sensor

This camera features X-Trans CMOS II Sensor, a 12M 2/3-inch sensor with unique color filter distribution. Past sensors used an optical low pass filter to suppress moire, at the cost of image resolution. The new sensor has removed this filter to realize an even higher grade of resolution, despite its size.

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3For beautiful images with low interference, even in darker scenes.

By distributing pixels containing three colors (R/G/B) each for all lines, both vertical and horizontal, color discrimination has been improved. Thanks to Fujifilm's unique advanced interference reduction technologies, resolution is not lost when shooting at higher sensitivities, reducing interference by more than 30%(*1) compared to its predecessors. This allows beautiful images to be taken, even during photography in darker scenes.

*1 : Simulated testing of X10 and X20 under experimentally identical conditions

4Intelligent Hybrid Auto Focus in as fast as 0.06(*2) seconds has been realized.

The new sensor includes phase detection pixels to detect the distance from the subject, for massive improvements in AF speed. Achieving high speed AF in as fast as 0.06 sec.(*2) , this ensures you can capture the moments you want in your photographs.

*2 : Fujifilm research based on CIPA guidelines and conducted in “High Performance” mode.

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5Swift startup and high speed processing, for easier photography.

The blazing image processing performance of the newly developed EXR Processor II not only produces images with increased resolution and higher quality at higher speeds, but also accelerates operational responses. Adoption of a dual CPU and increased clock frequency elevate performance to about twice the processing speed of the previous generation(*3). These LSI improvements also speed up operation, reducing cold start-up time to only about 0.5 sec.(*4) Working in tandem with the high-speed signal readout of the X-Trans CMOS II sensor, the processor reduces the shooting interval to 0.5 second, cuts shutter time lag to approx. 0.01 sec., and raises the maximum High-Speed Continuous Shooting Speed of 12fps (max.11frames).

*3 Compared with the EXR Processor Pro.

*4 Quick start mode

6Its smaller body allows for higher portability any time, anywhere. Available in two colors.

There are two color schemes available, black or silver, which are used for parts such as the top and bottom covers and the lens barrel. The colors of parts such as the top cover dial and shutter buttons are all done in either black or silver, for a more uniform impression.

7Multiple exposure function

Multiple exposure photography lets you turn ordinary everyday scenes into works of art. The image produced by layering the first photograph onto the second one is sure to stimulate your artistic sensibilities.

8Advanced Filter

Filter techniques create eight different types of special effects. By choosing the optimal filter for your subject or scene, you can expand the range of expressions for your pieces. This provides more fun through photography while fully utilizing the latest technologies that only a digital camera can offer.

9Ten different film simulation modes allow you to enjoy color reproduction and gradation expression which only Fujifilm can provide.

This mode allows you to enjoy the rich color reproduction and gradation expressiveness found only in Fujifilm cameras by choosing a film type which best fits the expression you want. This camera newly features portrait negative film modes beloved by professional photographers, such as PRO Neg.Std (Professional Negative Film Standard) and PRO Neg.Hi.

10Operability improved based on the opinions received from our users

Based on the requests received from Fujifilm X10 users worldwide, X20 was upgraded to the full extent possible. Improvements such as the introduction of the Quick button and Quick menu, changes to AF button position, and multiple tabs for the GUI menu were made, all toward the goal of realizing a more usable camera.