Chapter 1
Creating the X10—blending retro design
with the latest technology

The design team discusses how the X10 expands the X Series range

The X10, the newest addition to the X Series, inherits the X100's design concept with its distinctive retro look but is even more compact with greater flexibility. The “DNA” of the X10 brings together the dedication to this design concept and the latest technological developments.

X Series—retro design, designed to last

• The essence of the premium X Series, started with the X100, is the skillful integration of a classic look that calls to mind analogue cameras, along with cutting-edge digital technology. The X100 focuses on fundamental shooting actions: firmly holding the camera with both hands, looking through the viewfinder, rotating the dial and shooting. The X10 carries forward the same commitment, but is even more compact and easier to operate.

• In addition to its 4x optical zoom (28-112mm) and bright lens (F2.0-F2.8), the X10 features a large optical viewfinder with a wide 20° viewing angle and a magnification that zooms as you rotate the manual barrel lens. It also has a built-in pop-up flash with an effective range of 7m (ISO AUTO (800), wide angle). While these specifications substantially differ from those of the X100, in the hands of the user this model maintains the same level of superiority as well as precision and manual control. This delivers pleasure in taking pictures and pride in ownership for many years to come.

• The design of this model evokes a sense of nostalgia, partly by virtue of its premium quality, die-cast magnesium alloy upper control deck and bottom camera housing. The durable synthetic leather that covers the camera's aluminum body panel captures the look and feel of authentic leather. These features create a superior experience that calls to mind the reassuring memories of using classic cameras. Despite its compact size, the model also features a clear, easy-to-use optical viewfinder and solid, precision-milled metal ring and dials. These features and its classic design ensure that the X10 retains the essence of a camera as a means for capturing photographs through the effective use of these authentic materials in a classic design.