Response of FUJIFILM X-T1

Stress-less photography with improved AF precision and speed and increased buffer memory

1. 8fps AF follow-up continuous shooting

FUJIFILM X-T1 has enabled accurate tracking AF follow-up with 8fps continuous shooting under continuous shooting "H (higher shooting speed) " by swiftly processing phase detection AF information in the image. It also predicts the position of the subject in the next shot from the movement of the subject and applies movement prediction AF for focus, improving precision of AF on a moving subject.

Lens control method was re-examined and optimized to speed up lens control. This is applied in single frame shooting, and response during normal phase detection AF is shortened by approximately 20% at maximum.

Such technology has helped achieve 8fps AF follow-up continuous shooting, to assure capturing the best moments such as goal of a race, trains and pets.

2. Follow-up speed of AF-C doubles

Performance of AF follow-up on moving subjects based on movement prediction has been improved for continuance AF with half-pressed shutter. Conventional follow-up speed was only able to capture running children, but it has now evolved to follow subjects closing up at a speed of 40 km/h.

Speed-up of frame rate, improvement of AF algorithm and movement prediction have achieved fastest level follow-up speed for mirrorless SLR cameras.

3. Increased number of frames in continuous shooting with doubled buffer memory

Buffer capacity in the camera has been doubled compared to previous models, largely improving response during continuous shooting. The number of frames shot with the UHS-I SD card and during continuous shooting or H(Higher speed) with RAW shooting has increased from 8 to approx. 20 without lowering continuous shooting speed.

In addition, it is also compatible with UHS-II of the new SD card standard, ahead of other companies.
Since images in the buffer memory can be written faster to an UHS-II SD card, time until the start of the next continuous shooting has been drastically shortened. Use of an UHS-II SD card is a promising choice for those who desire improved response.

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Phase detection AF :
FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Product Development Center
Takatsugu Aoki

Tracking AF :
FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Product Development Center
Fuminori Irie

Autofocus System :
FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Product Development Center
Keisuke Uchida

Contrast AF :
FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Product Development Center
Fumio Nakamaru

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