Max out the smallest X

X70: Photo by Jonas Rask
Photo by Jonas Rask

The Ultimate APS-­C sized sensor compact X
X70 is indeed the smallest X series camera with the APS-C sized sensor. Let's compare it with another X camera with the focal length of 18mm (28mm, 35mm format equivalent.)

X70 size comparison

The X70 is 30mm thinner than the X-A2 & XF18mmF2 combo. The depth is cut by 40%. It may be a bit of challenge to fit this in a jeans pocket, but you can definitely fit this in a jacket pocket with ease.  And the camera is chamfered so it feels much smaller than its actual spec.

"Compact camera" as it is often referred, a fixed lens camera has more freedom in making the body size smaller. It is not limited by the mount configuration or the shutter unit. One can freely design the optics to make the optimal lens for the camera. For example, if one can place a large lens unit in the rear for a wide angle lens, then the lens can be made much smaller in size.

Lens construction comparison

If you look at the configuration, you will notice that the largest optic is placed in the rear. Such design is hard to realize for a interchangeable lens camera system. But this can be done for a fixed lens camera while achieving both compactness and high image quality.

Just to be clear, X system lenses are not to say redundant. If you look around, you will learn that the X system has compact wide angle lenses. The X mount has short flange focal distance, wide aperture and no mirror box. The system is good at making the lens size compact. It's just that the X70 is that special.

Sideview of X70: Photo by Jonas Rask
Photo by Jonas Rask

Having said that, there are selection to be made in order to achieve the compact body.

For instance, the camera does not have a finder. Instead, it has a touchscreen tilting monitor, a first of its kind in the series. Rather than following the path of preceding models by installing the finder, a synonym of X series, the product planner decided on a different and innovative approach.

"OVF is the way for snapshooters".

Perhaps X-Pro and X100 users have such motto. They are very right. There are things you can only see through the OVF. If X-Pro2 product planner heard such motto, he will cry tears of joy. But it is also true that such idea is restricting.

In fact we have already seen numerous great images that were taken with the back monitor and not through the finder. Also a new technique of street photography, making use f the tilting monitor, is being established. It is important to have set of rules to achieve great photography, but if you take a look at the photos taken by Tae Young An, you will be reminded about the new technology; "OVF is the way, but do not forget about the tilting monitor."

Photo by Tae Young An
Photo by Tae Young An
Photo by Tae Young An
Photo by Tae Young An
Photo by Tae Young An
Photo by Tae Young An
Photo by Tae Young An
Photo by Tae Young An

Here is a little story.
There was another camera that was announced on the same day as the X70: X-Pro2.
Prior to the announcement, we had a project and asked X-Photographers to take photos with the camera. (You can see them on the web). They were handed with the X-Pro2 for the special assignment, but they were not given the information on the X70. As soon as they became aware of the X70, we heard them say "I also wanted to try the little camera!".  Intuitively, they understood the difference and saw the different purposes for the OVF and the tilting screen camera.

The charm of the X70 is its compactness and that it is a "compact camera".
The camera is complete as is, and if you decide to carry it along with your interchangeable lens camera, you will see that it has its use. 
You might have a X-Pro2 in your bag, or maybe two X-T1s. But there is nothing wrong to add X70 in your bag. Even if you use a non-Fuji camera system, the X70 still will serve you well.

X70 sideview: Photo by Jonas Rask
Photo by Jonas Rask
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