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6th Film Simulation CLASSIC CHROME

Develpment story of the Film Simulation "CLASSIC CHROME"

by FUJIFILM CLASSIC CHROME, film simulation
Response of X-T1

Stress-less photography with improved AF precision and speed and increased buffer memory

by FUJIFILM development story
Reaching for ISO 51200

ISO51200 achieved by removing the cause of noise

by FUJIFILM development story, ISO
X-T1 Graphite Silver Promotional Video

How Graphite Silver Edition is realized.

by FUJIFILM promotional movie, graphite silver
X30 Promotional Video

Promotional Video of FUJIFILM X30

by FUJIFILM promotional movie
X100T Promotional Video

Promotional video of FUJIFILM X100T

by FUJIFILM promotional movie

Newly design EVF delivers impressive clarity

by FUJIFILM development story

Authentic design refined with X-DNA, as a reliable “tool”

by FUJIFILM development story
X-T1 Promotional Video

Promotional video of FUJIFILM X-T1

by FUJIFILM promotional movie
X-E2 Promotional Video

Promotional video of FUJIFILM X-E2

by FUJIFILM promotional movie
Allurement of M Mount Adapter

Bringing old lenses back to life.

by FUJIFILM development story
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