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Super Long Zoom "X" model―
Introducing the new "X" series model with Super Zoom lens

Enjoy the elegance befitting the "X" series, through a different approach.
X-S1 is packed full of the premium features of the X series, but in a very different camera

Passion for photography – a new solution made possible with advanced specifications

"X-S1" is the latest model in the X Series with a Super Long Zoom and features a 2/3" EXR CMOS sensor, 24-624mm ultra zoom lens, and bright 1.44 million-dot digital viewfinder with a viewing angle of 26 degrees.

The 26x Super Long zoom allows you to enjoy macro shots and vast landscapes, all through one lens. We have explored the ultimate in operability, image quality and design with professional specifications to make this model, X-S1, deserving to join the "X" series.

Previous "X" models were based on a bright optical viewfinder, but with the X-S1 we opted for a SLR style. This is the best, most stable form factor for a both-hands, firm-grip shooting style to make use of the ultra zoom lens. The built-in flash, which covers most of its shooting range, is naturally positioned directly above the lens. Examination of individual functions from various angles has led to this mainstream design.