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The Story

The Story

Chapter 2. Top-Performing Lenses

Maximizing the desired optical performance…
Superb lenses developed with the expertise
of Fujinon's lens technologies

Aperture steps of 1/3 stop for precision image control


・For photographers who are particular about even the slightest difference in exposure and depth of the field, XF lenses allows the aperture steps of 1/3 stop・Adjusting the aperture in small increments on a lens with a relatively small gauge means the rotation angle for each step is very small. Users must be able to clearly tell the number of stops they have made in small rotation. This is why this camera has adopted the rotation angle of "4 degrees per 1/3 stop". Each full stop also gives a greater clicking sensation than that of 1/3 stops, so that you can feel how the aperture is shifting while keeping your eye on the viewfinder.

Two design secrets of diaphragm blades


Molded (XF Lens)


・XF Lenses are designed and manufactured with detailed attention to diaphragm blades to create beautiful blur. The aperture consists of multiple diaphragm blades, which usually have identical radius (R, angle). However, XF Lenses' diaphragm blades have the radius finely adjusted to ensure the opening is close to a true circle at all aperture settings

・The diaphragm blades also have a unique cross-section shape.
They are manufactured using a molding system rather than press processing to minimize the effect of the blade's cross-section area on the lens's internal reflection, thereby reducing the instances of lens flare and ghosting.

"Size / weight" and "elegant operability"
--- All design aspects are geared toward achieving premium image quality


・Lenses are the entry point of light for producing premium image quality. The first lineup of XF Lenses consists of typical single-focus lenses in wide angle, standard and mid-telephoto.・In addition to their superb image quality, XF lenses use aluminum for the lens barrel and exterior fittings in pursuit of elegance and operability. The detailed design considerations will be evident in various photographic scenes, as you admire the lens's balance and appearance when you fit it into the camera body, and as you enjoy its comfortable weight and grip when you hold the camera and adjust the focus.
Enjoy various angles of view to admire excellent descriptive performance and the careful thought processes that have gone into designing the lenses.

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