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About X-Pro1

About X-Pro1

X-Trance CMOS

Taking inspiration from our experience in
traditional photographic film, Fujifilm have
developed the new X-Trans CMOS sensor.

The new APS-C 16MP X-Trans CMOS sensor in the X-Pro1 has been developed to fully exploit the exceptional performance of the XF lens series and capture the ultimate image quality. Taking its inspiration from our experiences of traditional photographic film, FUJIFILM have adopted an innovative color filter array that eliminates the need for an optical low-pass filter. This revolutionary sensor achieves new heights in resolution quality and delivers brilliant optical performance from every lens.

New color filter array inspired by film paves the way for an ideal sensor that does not need an optical low-pass filter.

Moiré is tackled at its root cause by the innovative color filter array of the new sensor. By enhancing the aperiodicity (randomness) in the array arrangement, the color filter minimizes the generation of moiré and false colors, eliminating the necessity for an optical low-pass filter in the lens and enabling the sensor to capture the full “unfiltered” resolution and descriptive quality of the XF lens.

Conventional Color Filter Array

Conventional Array

The repeating arrangement of the 2x2 pixel sets tends to generate moiré and false colors when shooting stripes and other regular patterns.

Traditonal optical low-pass filters inhibit moiré and false colors but consequently lead to a loss in resolution.

Lens with

Lens with optical low-pass filters

optical low-pass filter



Newly-Developed Color Filter Array

New Filter Array

The high aperiodicity (randomness) of the arrangement of pixels in 6x6 sets reduces the occurrence of moiré. Also the presence of an R, B and B pixel in every vertical and horizontal pixel series minimizes the generation of false colors and delivers higher color reproduction fidelity.

Without using an optical low-pass filter, moiré and false colors are eliminated, but high resolution is maintained.

Inspired by the natural random arrangement of the fine grains of silver halide in film, the new filter changes the rules of digital photography.

No optical

X-Pro1No optical low-pass filter


EXR Processor

A New Powerful Processor Translates Data from the X-Trans CMOS Sensor at Lighting Speed

EXR, FUJIFILM’s original imaging concept, plays a vital role in the X-Pro1. In order to process the highly detailed image signal information captured by the complex color filter array pattern of the sensor, the X-Pro1 is fitted with the newly developed EXR Processor Pro – a powerful processor that achieves higher speed and higher precision image processing than any previous generation.

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