As a young man, I had a dream: to be a reporter for National Geographic. Amazed by the photos I saw in each issue of the magazine, I decided to complement my B.A. in Information Science with a course in professional photography. I soon realised I had a good eye for taking pictures, but not enough money to be able to take all the shots I wanted. So I put my dream aside and threw myself into making a living as a copywriter. Twenty-five years later, I found I had nothing left to give to that profession. With no clear goal in life, one day, more out of curiosity than anything else, I started taking pictures with my iPhone. I was astonished to realise that the photos I had always dreamed of making, in a lab under a blue-sensitive light, could now be done with a smartphone and a few retouching apps. That day I went back to my old dream and I haven't stopped taking photos since, urged on perhaps by a desire to make up for lost time.

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