Faye Yerbury


Faye was a Lecturer in Hairdressing and cosmetic make-up when she met and has now spent the last 36 years as photographic partner and wife of Trevor E R Yerbury.

Gaining awards was high in Faye’s ambition when she entered her new life in Photography, already holding the highest award of Master Craftswoman by The City and Guilds of London. She also won the Scottish L’Oreal Colour Trophy in 1990.

Working hard to make a name for herself in photography, which was at that time, predominantly a ‘Man’s World” and feeling it was important to show the progress she was making by entering the MPA awards, this resulted in many achievements including photographer of the year titles in Scotland and nationally for Wedding and Portrait. Faye soon found herself entering the Gold awards, after numerous commendations she at last won her coveted Gold award which allowed her into the Gold Circle of acclaimed photographers in Europe. High on her list of achievements has been becoming a Fellow of The RPS, the MPA and The Society, also a Master with the Guild, and The Society of Photographers.

To cap it all, along with Trevor, Faye was presented with a Special Achievement Award for services to the Photographic Industry. Faye’s latest honour has been her invitation to be President of the Master Photographers Association 2014-15.

Faye and Trevor Lecture, Judge and Exhibit worldwide, during recent years the cities included Edinburgh - London - Paris - Vancouver - Madrid - Valetta and Copenhagen. They also feature in many magazines and books. Faye’s new love of The Fuji X-T1 combined with Platinum and Palladium printing, is taking her into a new realm of enjoyment, this is obvious by the work she is producing at the moment with her Classical Nudes for exhibition, she has started a collection of beautiful large format platinum/palladium prints with sizes up to 18”x14”.


My introduction to Fujifilm has been to say the least an amazing revelation as I did not expect to be excited about it. But I was given the X-T1 on loan along with a 35mm lens to play with for a while… well what happened next was that I fell for it hook, line and sinker after only two weeks.

I worked with the on-loan X-T1 in the studio with clients and models, then outdoors with my classic nude work and fashion and before long I was convinced that the X-T1 was the camera for me and it made sense to me that I would be a Fujifilm Photographer from then on and will now continue to produce the work I love doing with this gem from Fujifilm.

I was totally convinced that the X-T1 was the way to go and it has proved to be one of the best decisions I have made for my future in photography. It is the only camera I have used for the last year and six months or so along with my favourite lenses which are the 56mm,16-55mm and 35mm.

I will continue to show others the work I am producing now and it is my hope that they will look and see what I see in the new generation of the X Series.

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