Yiannis Yiasaris


My name is Yiannis Yiasaris. I am from Greece and have been living in Australia for 15 years. I took up street photography 4 years ago and I am self taught. My love of street photography comes from a natural curiosity about people going about their everyday life and a passion to tell their stories through pictures. Considering street photography is accessible to anyone, good street photography will always stand out.

It will make the viewer look twice by a powerful point of interest or layers of interest that make you explore the image further. I look for beauty in the mundane, the details that most do not see yet are happening right in front of their eyes, decisive moments that can be missed or captured by my lens.

To me street photography is seeing the world from an altered perspective, yet it's the same reality that co-exists amongst us. The challenge as a street photographer is being on the streets and being in tune with that reality, seeing the elements merge together in this timeline and being able to capture them with a camera.

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