Maurizio Faraboni


I was born in Novara in 1972 and after high school I decided to dedicate myself to photography. I started as assistant of a great photographer, known to the world as Monty Shadow, together we worked on advertising campaigns worldwide. After that I became assistant of Wahb Mabkhout, a quirky and brilliant photographer of Moroccan origin. With him I photographed the most famous supermodels of the late '90s.

I was always passionate about the different cultures of the world and travels, so I started focusing on reportage. Working in many African countries, I spent 10 years working on a project on leprosy patients, and travelling the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America and the Caribbean. Since April 2015 I’ve been working with and “The eyes of the war”. I have been documenting the journey of migrants from the Turkish coast to Europe and carried out a report about the condition of women in India.

My latest reportages are about the environmental contamination in Dominican Rep., where in Pueblo Viejo Cotuí, the Canadian company Barrick Gold as been mining gold for years. This has become the largest mine in the world, poisoning rivers with mercury and cyanide. I also photographed the Haitians "slaves", bought to cut sugar cane.

I have been using Fujifilm X systems since 2011, when I tried the X100 and X-Pro1, it was love at first sight.

Compact, extraordinary design, light and discreet, with results worthy of the best full-frame SLR cameras, professional lens, I have got everything I need for my reportage.

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