Luis Poirot


Saniago de Chile, December 13, 1940

> 2001-2005

Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Chile in Belgium

> 1998-2000

Lecturer in photography workshop at the Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago

> 1995-1997

Lives and works in U.S.

> 1990-1992

"Talking Pictures"(space dedicated to photographers) of the "Creations" of Channel 13.

> 1989

Visiting Professor, School of Art at the Catholic University of Chile

> 1976-1993

Professor in different academies of Barcelona (1976-1985) and Chile (1985-1993)

> 1975 to 1979

Director of Photography on feature films "The Transplanted" '(France 1975)

Ocana(Spain 1979, Official Selection Cannes)

> 1973

School of Art Professor of Communication at the Catholic University of Chile

From 1969 to 1973 Professor of Photography, School of Journalism at UC Chile

> 1971

Visiting Professor, Catholic University of Bolivia

> 1955-1996

Lives and work in media and publishing in Chile (Editorial Zig-Zag, Paula magazine, Diners magazine, magazine design), France (Vogue decoration) and Spain(EI paris, parenting magazine)

> 1963

Photographer since 1963

> 1963-1964

French Government Scholarship to study film and television in French Broadcasting

> 1961-1995

Actor and theater director. Teatro de la Universidad de Chile, lctus Theatre, Theatre of the Soul.

> 1959-1961

Training in acting and directing in theater school at the University of Chile

Award and Scholarship

> 2004 

Presidential Medal of Honor Centennial of Pablo Neruda

> 1994 Distinction "Ansel Adams" of the North America institute of Culture in recognition of the work in the photography of Chile/

> Fond art 1992 Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Chile.

> 1991 Scholorship Funcacion Andes, Chile.

> 1983 and 1984 Press Photo Award in Spain.

> 1970 and 1972 Nikon International Award Contest, Japan.

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