Jorge Panchoaga


Jorge is anthropologist of the Universidad del Cauca and specialist in photography of the National University of Colombia. He has experience in teaching photography and formulation, execution and evaluation of cultural, social projects and of community work. Nowadays he is a teacher of photography in the Specialization of Photography in the Faculty of Arts in the National University of Colombia and as coordinator of the cycle of conferences " Chromatic Variations ", which co - founded with two of his colleagues, in the same academic program.

His photographic work has relation with problematic of sociocultural identity, memory, language, cultural change by conflict and with the relations between the human being and his environment, in spaces of commonness and intimacy, which are achieved across the confidence and nearness generated with every person and its surrounding. His work has been published by diverse institutions: United Nations, the FAO, The Department of Culture of Colombia, foundations and national corporations and mass media in Colombia. He is part of the Group of Photography +1, which co - founded close to Federico Ríos and Santiago Escobar.

He has been rewarded as the winner of the "IX National Colombo Swiss Prize of Photography", of the Sixth Room Of Young Art of the Club El Nogal, the second position in the III Prize of Photography of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation, the first position in the contest "I believe" of the agency The Seventh photos;

He is a co-founder of the digital magazine and corporation Yenyeré Raíces y Cultura - - that contributes from the communication, to the strengthening of the social and organizational processes of the afrocolombian communities, specifically in the pacific region in Colombia.

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