Antonio Helfer


I would like to think of myself as a photographer’s apprentice. Auto did act by heart. I started out with SLR and Medium Format Roll.
Now, for the convenience, as well as speed and also being more environmentally friendly; I use more professional digital bodies with extra equipment. At the beginning, I only choose landscape shots and gradually developed technical skills with the camera and post-production. Now I love the photo of food, portraits, urban photos; forcing me to take my camera with me almost always and everywhere.


What I like about the Fujifilm X-Pro1 is:
The quality of the image (detail, color and texture). As urban photographer, the size and the retro look, help pass unnoticed while I walk down the street. For my travels, and I forget all my heavy equipment. The image quality is spectacular.After having dedicated exclusively to photographing landscapes and nature, has given me other styles like street photography or documentary.

On the other hand, the X-Pro1 does not intimidate people, allowing me to get closer to them and more able to do more intimate shots.

For this work it is important to be able to get the RAF archives, which can process images to extract the most potential. I can shoot and go unnoticed because it is silent. His control on top allows me to compensate the exposure of light. If I want to achieve a particular effect, I can quickly go to the menu and make the changes that I can leave pre-established.

- It's small with a beautiful retro design.
- High quality images and sharpness.
- An outstanding ISO performance, especially in low light conditions.
- Images that remind me of my time in the movie.
- And finally, interchangeable lenses, with a focal high quality.

What else I can ask ... Many thanks Fujifilm

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