Alex Vreeman


An enthusiastic FUJIFILM Ambassador, Alex Vreeman has been using the professional FUJIFILM X System for some time now for his work. For Alex, a portrait is not just a portrait. Alex focuses his work on creating powerful and unique images of his clients, particularly for those who often prefer not to be in front of the camera, those who maybe believe that they are never photographed well, those who fit Alex's philosophy that "beauty is in the character for those who look".

The portraits that Alex creates are intensely personal, closely capturing the character and vulnerability of the person. So much so that some choose not to share the image with others.

Alex either uses a relaxed professional studio or a second daylight studio where most of his portrait work takes place making the most of natural lighting. The conversation before and during the session is equally as important as the photo itself, enabling Alex to uncover the individual character that creates a unique personal image. This is where the FUJIFILM X System is at its best: discreet but extremely powerful.

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