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Impression on X-T20 by Felipe García-Segovia

My impressions on the X-T20 after two weeks of using it are very positive. I really like how easy it is to handle and am particularly impressed with the result of the photos I took with it.

In principle, what I would emphasize most is the great picture quality thanks to the X-Trans III sensor. The image is sharp and the camera makes less noise at a higher resolution than its predecessor, the X-T10. You can tell they're using a latest-generation sensor.

The size makes it a perfect camera to keep in hand to capture any moment. It was very comfortable even on trips. At any rate, the quality it delivers would make it a good choice for any specialty in the field of photography. In my case, over the four weeks I used it in the studio and also for flash photos combined with natural light outdoors and the results were excellent in all cases.

Another area where I noticed a vast improvement with respect to the X-T10 is the autofocus. I felt really comfortable with it in different light situations. It focuses better and faster than the X-T10.

However, I would say that one thing I miss on the X-T20 is the focus lever to change the focal point that the X-T2 and the X-Pro2 have. That could do with improving, maybe for a new version or for the X-T30.

I adapted to the camera very quickly right from the start in terms of ergonomics, even though I’m used to working with camera bodies with a grip or handle. The grip was good, as was the position of the dials.

As a photography teacher, I think it would be a hit with students looking to change their reflex system for a mirrorless one, with the better features (in most cases) and added functions of mirrorless cameras and at a more affordable price. I think it would be a good investment for students.

In short, I think the X-T20 gives very good results for professionals and amateurs alike (although the amateurs would need some knowledge about photography). It's discreet, practical and lightweight. It looks good and the price is more than acceptable given the features it includes.

It was an honor to work with it and try it out before it hits the market.

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