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Wonseob Kim studied geography education at the university, and majored fine arts at the postgraduate school. He has been a journalist, photographer since 2005. He traveled more than 100 countries covered 300 areas. Kim Won Seob has written his travel stories to the travel newspaper, and both travel and photo magazines. Specially he has done his best to complete his photo project titled “the world heritages Site” since March in 2014.

He lectures on a photography at the Hankyoreh education culture center, Inframe photo academy, and some department's cultural center. He was a judge in the contest of the World 7 Continent' travel photography in 2016, the evaluator of <Looking forward a beautiful fishing village> by Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in 2014, and the judge of the international photography contest at IVI(International Vaccine Institute) and the geographic photography at the Seoul national University (2013-2016).

Private Exhibitions : < The Earth, the star's scenery in my mind (2015, 2012) > < The color of the travel photography (2010) >, < The Father's land (2003) >

Group Exhibitions : < The Silk Road of China (2016) >, < The beautiful China (2016) >, < KOEX Travel Photo Exhibition (2015) >, < 5 photographers' Travel Exhibition (2014) >

Published books : < The World 6 Continents' traveling by the photography (2015)>, < Very Special Would Tour (2014)>, < World tour in the text book (2013) >, < How to take a best travel photo (2011) >, < Best way to take a photo (2010) >

He was on TV as a travel photographer at KBS < Lovely Family>, EBS < Sri Lanka of the World Theme Travel Series>, and EBS <Manjaedo tour of the Korean travel series>. It is the happiest moment for him to take a picture during his travel in the world. He always desires to live in happier life through both his travel and photograph.


The World Heritage photographed by using the FUJIFILM X Camera

I have taken the world heritage's pictures using the FUJIFILM X-T1 and XF lens since April in 2013.

There are many kinds of heritage sites, they include cultural, natural and mixed sites - all of which have been recognized for their 'outstanding universal value' covering with the wider history of humanity and the world's common, and irreplaceable heritage.

Under the poor environment condition where it is located in the region with no traffic access, so I have to walk to take a picture. It is very important to have the right cameras to take a picture well under the poor situation. Both X-T1 and XF lens are small and light to use, so it is excellent to take a nice picture. As well as it's remarkable speciality of the color by Fujifilm, its sharpness and high definition are my best attracting experience. Some of  X-T1 and XF lens were well functioned in the poor conditions which have dust and humility, or the cold weather of – 10 degree. Recently, I have taken a picture using X-T2, it is very excellent to have the high definition as high as 2430m picture element, including less Noise at the High sensitivity. In addition, it is easier to focus speedily because it has a focus stick.

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