Tim Georgeson


Tim Georgeson is a multi-award-winning photographer, filmmaker and creative director whose experience shooting in war zones, punk squats, rock concerts, boudoirs, studios, and streets around the world, has given him unique insight into the human drama. Making everything from news to advertising to fashion emotionally moving, his approach has garnered him an international reputation for works that stir.

Tim’s advertising, artwork and environmental portraiture feature in The New York Times Magazine, Mare, National Geographic, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Colors, Code, Flaneur and many more magazines. His avant-garde, award-winning print campaigns shot with agencies and clients such as Converse, Heineken, KesselsKramer, 180, Springer and Jacoby, Taxi, Nikon, Olympus , Levis, Lee, Virgin Air, Fuji, WWF, IFAW, The United Nations and MSF, have been internationally featured. He has won numerous prizes, including World Press Photo, NY Festival, Cannes, Archive, Leica Cameras and PDN.

Tim's photos have been shown in solo and group exhibitions to critical acclaim, and been collected in private collections in Australia, France, Holland, Canada, Hong Kong and the United States, as well as in the permanent collection at The National Portrait Gallery of Australia. He has exhibited work on Circus, Gypsies in the Balkans, refugees in Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Africa at Visa Pour L’image. His street-inspired films that capture youth culture zeitgeist have established a cult following.

In 2010 Tim co-founded GuerrillaPop+MediaLab, a boutique media laboratory where he creative directs advertising campaigns, book ventures, design projects, editorials, exhibitions, music videos and film projects – and specializes in humanitarian causes.


The X100T to me is the ultimate small documentary camera, its design is beautiful and totally unobtrusive.This is so important in the field on documentary assignments to be as stealth as possible. It has a very user friendly tactility , the dynamic range and visual output is amazing, colour profiles such as classic chrome are perfect for my style of raw and unsaturated images and retain a filmic feel,  this is why I love shooting with the T!

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