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Sunhee, Hwang was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. He has a BA in Art Studies and a MFA in Photography from Hong Ik University.
He had solo exhibitions three times - Dream Series (2007), Sharing Senses (2010), Family Prospects (2014) - and been invited to various group exhibitions and art fairs.
As a father of two daughters, he shoots his family life on a daily basis and this makes him eagerly explore family issues in modern society further more passionate about social documentary. 


I love the cities and observing life styles all around the world. I have recently started a series of cityscapes.  The first series, of course, starts with my hometown, Seoul titled “Seoul in Spring”.

I am a big fan of tilt LCD from X-T1 and intuitive finder from X-Pro2.  They make my work more efficient and precise. Also, when shooting space and figures, the compact bodies come very handy.

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