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Scott lives for music, the scenic coastal landscapes of his backyard in Nova Scotia and travels with curiosity, photographing life with vigor. Whether he’s at the lip of the stage, feeling the heat of the lights on an industry shoot, or celebrating life and love with clients his passion is driven by all that is around him.

His work has been published in Halifax’s The Coast, Exclaim!, Wedding Bells, Canadian Art (Magazine) and many other publications across Canada.


As a professional photographer I take lots of gear on shoots; big bodies, lots of lenses as I never know what might inspire me. I always take my X100S with me wherever I go and whatever I do.

I love the retro style and I get a lot of people asking where I still get film developed for it. I love to see jaws drop after I show them the beautiful LCD screen on the back.

The Lowlight capabilities always amaze me, I’ve never even used the built in flash.

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