SC Shekar


A renowned photo-journalist with over 30 years’ experience, SC Shekar began his career at a major Malaysian newspaper in the early 80s, then went on to work for several international news agencies in Asia and the USA. His interests and professional pursuits have taken him all over the world from New York City to Istanbul and throughout Southeast Asia. His travels have resulted in the production of over 20 documentary photography books, with a focus on communities. Among them are Our Land Within-Passages Through Southeast Asian Communities, Raising Land – The Way of Land and Life in Sarawak, Daughters of Asia, Thailand – 9 Days in the Kingdom and 7 Days in Myanmar. Shekar’s photographic works have been displayed in many exhibitions globally and he has been commissioned to carry out various documentary assignments in Southeast Asia and India. His works are collected by museums, corporations and private owners alike. Shekar owns Beagle Books Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian publisher that specialises in large format books.


How it all began….my love affair with Fuji cameras.

In November 2011, while waiting for my flight at the Singapore’s Changi airport (which was delayed) in route to the interior regions of Sarawak, Borneo for an assignment, I happened to wander into a camera store (as all photographers always do). While browsing through the hundreds of cameras offered for sale, I happen to come across a little camera that caught my attention. It was the X10. I was very impressed with the size, manual controls and simplicity of the camera. Having done no research whatsoever on the X10, the decision to purchase it was quite impulsive.

I did use it when I went away for a holiday to Kashmir, India in December 2011. I decided that I would only take this little camera and nothing else, much to the surprise of my wife who always says I carry too much camera gear. Looking back now, I think it one of those decisions I’ve made with absolutely no regrets.

I was so impressed with the X10, I subsequently bought the X-Pro1, X100S and the X-T1. I have also bought a range of 5 lenses from the 14mm to the 50-140mm zoom lens.

I pretty much use Fuji cameras these days on my assignments and have given up using the big DSLR’s cameras.

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