Perfil Victor Alzate


I am wedding Photographer, though when I was young I never saw photography as a profession but as a hobby because I always thought that a photographer in the family was enough, and that was my dad.

I studied electrical engineering, played basketball, did sports and met my best friends in the University of Antioquia. Much of what I am what I learned in college.

By passion, I made wedding photography my profession, I put the heart and mind at each click I make my clients, I always give 110% of what I am, I consider myself fortunate for all the good it gives me life every day, I love traveling, spending time with friends, go to movies and music.

It was not easy to make real this dream, there were difficult days but I always had the love and advice from my wife Diana Marcela Zapata to give flight to my madness.

Many people have helped me shape and good name to this project of life that is ArteVisión, all remember and give thanks for putting that bit, but George Moreno led me to believe in my heart that we could go far and venture to be the first member of ArteVisión TEAM.

My greatest joy is to see Simon my son grow. To be dad did not change my life, be dad made more complete my life, and every day I learn the simple things of life!!!

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