The rangefinder-style model in the X-Series range features optimum AF performance and easy handling.


The FUJIFILM X-E2S has a durable, compact and lightweight body with a Real-Time Viewfinder that offers a large display magnification of 0.62x*1 and an electronic viewfinder with the world's shortest display time lag*2 of 0.005 seconds. It also comes equipped with an AF system that excels at capturing moving subjects. The new FUJIFILM X-E2S model inherits the functionality and rangefinder-style design of the original X-E2, and adds new features including an improved grip, an electronic shutter and a more intuitive GUI to enhance the user experience. 

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*1 Market leading viewfinder magnification ratio. Approx. 0.62x magnification 50mm (35mm format equivalent) at infinity and diopter set to -1.0 m-1.
*2 Fujifilm research as of January 2016. 



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  • X-E2S | 10/1800sec | F10 | ISO200 |
  • X-E2S | 10/80sec | F3.2 | ISO200 |
  • X-E2S | 10/5000sec | F4 | ISO200 |
  • X-E2S | 10/14000sec | F2 | ISO800 |
  • X-E2S | 10/3400sec | F5.6 | ISO200 |
  • X-E2S | 10/4500sec | F2 | ISO200 |
  • X-E2S | 150/10sec | F8 | ISO200 |
  • X-E2S | 10/2500sec | F4 | ISO200 |
  • X-E2S | 10/17000sec | F2 | ISO200 |
  • X-E2S | 10/600sec | F2.8 | ISO3200 |
  • X-E2S | 10/3500sec | F11 | ISO200 |
  • X-E2S | 10/600sec | F2 | ISO250 |
  • X-E2S | 85/10sec | F11 | ISO200 |
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