I have begin taking photos since I was 11, taking my father's Brownie Super 27 camera, without his permission, to shoot people throwing stones at soldiers in the street of Montreal, during the 1970 October crisis.
I found out early that I was more attracted by stories than by simply shooting for the sake of it.
Unfortunately, I never took it seriously until a friend asked me in the 80's to take a photographic road trip of him and his band, between Montreal and Chibougamau, to the far north east of Quebec. Since then I have shot different documentaries covering mainly social or humanitarian issues.
What motivates me is helping groups of people suffering from injustice, to gain media attention so their story can be known. I often partnerships with NGO such as MSF, COVA, Groupe L'Itinéraire, Mira foundation, Fauna Foundation, Global Compassion, the Post War Crisis Center, the St-James Center, etc.

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