Vincent Baldensperger


Vincent Baldensperger is a french photographer living in south of France. Born in Africa he used to travel in his childhood, discovering the world and the taste of curiosity. Today he still travel each day with photography, searching and learning, happiest man, forever a child... "Do you believe in white rabbits? Have you ever met Alice? I have. Photography is not a job. It is a gift i want to share every day, searching for the invisible with my precious x-camera, smelling the perfume of black and white, eating light and colors. Photography is wonderland"…


I grew up with my fist camera, a Minolta X500. Then i bought my first Nikon and photography became a part of me like a tattoo. Many years later was another revolution, i tried my first dslr, as always a Nikon. Everybody knows how fast these cameras evolved! And sometimes you make great meeting in your life. Internet gave me this opportunity to discover a great photographer living in Montreal, Mr Patrick La Roque. Actually he's a Fuji x-photographer! I discovered not only a sensitive pictorial universe but either these famous x-cameras! I didn't think for a long time and i officially sold all my Nikon stuff. Happier now to use these x-camera in my every day documentary or studio work.

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