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Michael Eßig




Photography has been my companion since my early adolescence. Back then I used an analog camera, exposure meter, light box and countless rolls of film to document everyday events as a freelance staffer with a daily newspaper. I worked only in black and white at the time.  

Preserving the moment; documenting events; depicting the esthetic, emotions, the beautiful – as a photographer you can do all of that by simply clicking the shutter release. Painting with light is the real challenge. After all, using light in different ways allows me to create a wide range of images based on one and the same motif. Handling the light in an image creating way is the unique, thrilling approach I take when I work as a photographer.

“A good photo is a photo you contemplate longer than just a second.”  

My goal as a photographer in an era characterized by an overwhelming flood of linguistic, acoustic and visual triggers is to – through my photography - bring people visual pleasure that beckons them to linger as they enjoy. I want to create photographs that make people who see them want to take the time to immerse themselves in my work and to allow it to make an impression on them. That is very important to me. It’s the kind of communication that caputures both, reality (e.g. documentation and street photography) and the world of calmness and dreams (e.g. landscapes, abstract and/or gestural photography).  

As a member of the German Photographers’ Association (Deutscher Verband für Fotografie) and a participant in a wide variety of photography contests on the domestic and international level, my photographic works have brought me many extraordinary achievements. I also have received the honorary title of State Photography Champion Nordmark 2016.  

Based on my international acclaim as a photographer, the Féderation International de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) has bestowed upon me the title of Artiste FIAP (AFIAP).

In addition to championship photography, I show my work at various galleries and offer photography workshops to interested photographers.  


The first time I held an X-T1 in my hands was in 2014. I immediately felt catapulted back into the era of analog photography equipment without any automatic tools:

A retro-style digital camera, with aperture settings on the lens, dials and buttons on the camera housing and a custom tailored haptic – I immediately fell in love with the X-series and its outstanding fixed focal lengths. Today, the X-series is definitely my preferred camera system.  

The design alone makes X-series cameras ideal companions for close-ups and long shot photography. They are lightweight, inconspicuous, look harmless – yet they are absolutely state-of-the-art from the technical perspective. The operating elements, which are position on the exterior can be quickly adjusted, while the photographic noise and speed, paired with the unmistakable look please the user time and again. I would not have shot many of the images I captured if it were not for the X-T1 and most recently the X-T2. The image quality is absolutely compelling and exceeds the results I was able to obtain with my single-lens reflex cameras in the past.

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