Masataka Otsuka


Otsuka was born in Chiba in 1968. He entered a production company for photographs after graduating from high school, but left the company after 2 years to become a photographer. He later travelled abroad to shoot photos while working part-time. In 1993, Otsuka accompanied photographer Kazuyoshi Nomachi to the Saharan area as an assistant. After studying Arabic in Egypt in 1997, he has featured the Sahara Desert in Libya, Niger and Mali, and rice terraces in Yunnan Province of China. His work includes a photo collection titled "The rice terraces in China Yunnan" (Mainichi Newspapers Co. Ltd). The visual guide book "Algeria seven world heritage sites in Algeria" of the gem STONE series is also on sale from Diamond-Big. This autumn, Otsuka plans to shoot the camel caravan that will cross the Sahara Desert.

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