Lou Peralta


When I was a child, the dominant theme at home was photography. The family's many cameras were among my toys, and on weekends I helped my father with the lighting for bridal portraits in his studio garden with a sun reflector. I come from a family of four generations of portrait photographers.

Nowadays I am obsessed with giving form to the soul, of finding out what it is that makes people reflect life, capturing that inner light that is extinguished with death.

I am interested in contextualizing the function of the Portrait today by using the Technology of representation: what does a portrait mean? what has happened with individuality? what happens with faces? and what happens behind the remains of these faces?. With this interrogative choreography and with an experimental process, I construct and deconstruct the Portrait.


I started using an X-Pro1 in 2012, and was instantly captivated by the X Series. Since then I began the process of gradually migrated 100% of my equipment to Fujifilm. As a visual artist, I find the GFX camera to be a tremendous ally.

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