Kim Boon


I am KimBoon Lim, or some friends call me Kim. I am a professional photographer specialising in portraitures, corporate and commercial photography.

Personally, I have an extensive interest and vast experiences in other field of photography such as Nature, Artistic, Travel and Photojournalism.

I am also a photography trainer where I teach kids as young as 7 years old on the art and craft of photography as well as facilitate workshops and organizes photo tours for both adults and kids to learn photography in the fun way.

As a Speaker, I speak on the subject of Everyday Creativity, using photography as a platform and tool to help my audience see beauty and joy around us, see the extraordinary from the ordinary, walking my audience through my thought process of seeing and capturing that extraordinary moments.

I am currently based in Malaysia but travels extensively within and outside Malaysia for photography assignments and projects or just to explore new places, making new discoveries, new connections, enjoying the local food and culture and enrich my life learning new things everyday.


My Fuji X-Pro 1 have allowed me to capture some amazing shots that I would not have been able to capture using a bulky DSLR, as the camera is not too intimidating and distractive to my subjects and models.

I also love the sharpness at wide open aperture and skin tones of the people I capture which is so smooth and true to life that I can deliver to my clients without any more work on it.

There are many other plus points that I just feel this is the camera for me such as the handling and positioning of the buttons just like the old film cameras, film simulation bracketing, compensation dial, the weight and size is just right for me and many more!

Its my camera of choice and 'carry everywhere' camera now and I never leave home without it!

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