Herbie Yamaguchi


Born in Tokyo, 1950, and majored in Economics at university. After graduating, he moved to London in 1973, spending approximately 10 years there.

In London, he was an actor for a time in Tsutomu Yamashita's theatre group, "Red Buddha." On the other hand, he had a real-life experience with the punk movement of the time, and he came to photographically record the living imagery of London in the 70's. In particular, his photographic works of rock musicians in London were highly evaluated.

Even after returning to Japan, he travelled back and forth between Europe and Japan, producing monochrome works of both artists and people on the streets with unpretentious, gentle expressions.

Many fans appreciate such natural and neatly organized works, and he is actively producing photo collections and exhibitions, as well as writing essays and working as a radio DJ. Transcending the genre of photography, he has attained popularity in a wide range of activities.

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