Guangzhi Shi


Shi Guangzhi is a China National Senior Photographer from Jinzhou, Liaoning Province. He had worked in the countryside and participated in the military. He is currently a member of the Art Photographic Committee (APC) of the China Photographers Association, an instructor with the Beijing Photographic Correspondence Institute under APC and the director of its Fujian Institute, vice-chairman of the Fujian Photographers Association, and executive vice-chairman of the China Financial Photographers Association.

Shi Guangzhi is the “Gold Award” winner at the 5th, 6th, and 7th "Chinese Photography Awards" and the only one to achieve this highest honor in China's photography circle for three consecutive times. His works appeared in professional publications including "Chinese Photography", "Popular Photography", "China Photo Press", "Chinaphoto", "Photoworld", and "China Pictorial" (Chinese, English, Russian editions). His most famous publications include "Flowers Are Not Flowers", "The Road Leading To The Gold Award", and "Creative Photography".

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