David Nightingale


David has been shooting professionally since 2007, during which time he has worked with a range of international clients and companies, has shot a range of weddings and personal commissions, and has developed a photography and postproduction training company that he runs with Libby, his wife. Their company specialises in the provision of high quality online and face-to-face training, including workshops, photo tours, video training, one-to-one sessions and extended mentoring programmes. David has also authored four books on photography: Baby Photography Now (2007); Practical HDR: The Complete Guide to Creating High Dynamic Range Images with Your Digital SLR (2009 & 2012); Extreme Exposure: Advanced Techniques for Creative Digital Photography (2010); and Mastering Exposure (2014). 

He has been shooting with X Series cameras and lenses since 2013.


When I first got my hands on the X-T1, back in 2013, I thought it would probably be a great second camera: something I'd carry around when I couldn't be bothered to lug around my DSLR's. What I didn't expect was that within a matter of a few short months it would replace them. The Fujifilm cameras and lenses are a joy to use: the image quality is superb, they're light and convenient, they do a much better job with skin tones than any digital camera I've used previously, and all the lenses I own are tack sharp. In short, it's a camera system that meets all my requirements. 

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