Dave Kai Piper


Since the very first days of the X-System, Dave Kai Piper has been extensively using the FujiFilm X-System. Over the years, tracking the progress and refinement of the system, Fashion based portraiture photographer Dave Kai Piper has never not been impressed with the way Fujifilm create cameras. In a number of public blogs DKP has praised Fujifilm as a company who listen, evolve and continue to support the photography community all over the world. The current camera of choice for DKP is the X-Pro2. 


For me, photography is a form of expression, we develop a bond to our images, they are windows for other people to see what we saw. It should come as no surprise that the cameras we use to create these moments become more than just black boxes, they become part of the story too. This seemingly odd relationship between photographer and camera is something you either get or don’t with one camera brand or another. Personally, the X-system fits my style of photography perfectly. Cameras like the X-Pro2 become less of a tool and part of the creation process. A great camera should help to remove the barrier of subject & viewer - there are very few cameras that are able to do this.   

The power of the sensor mixed with the styling of the X-Pro2 make this camera pretty much perfect for me. I can go anywhere and do anything with it. My work ranges vastly from day to day, there are very few cameras that I would trust as my go to camera – but, the X-Pro 2 definitely is that camera for me. The constant development of new lenses for the pro user – or the demanding user as I would class my self is also amazing.  Lenses like the 16-55mm & the 50-140mm are perfectly suited & well built to survive everyday use on the road with me, which can be tough at times !

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